Important Announcement

From Sunday 16th August, our vicar, Ned, will be stepping back from public ministry for two weeks. This is not a holiday and he will still be leading us in worship on Sundays (both online and in church). He has written the following statement:

After an 8 year sustained series of conflicts and challenges in ministry including losing my wife and in light of recent events which have taken more personal cost, I have decided to reduce my hours and attempt to recover. I will be limiting my contact for two weeks from Sunday.

This is not failure or weakness. This is not shirking responsibility or abandoning my post. This is me refocussing on my primary vocation: being a contemplative watchman for God. Please pray for me as I seek healing of the wounds I have sustained in attempting to love others.

If you need to speak to someone pastorally please email Michelle Hayes ( Please consider praying daily for him during this time.