Who We Are

We are a part of the Church of England and seek to be God’s loving, witnessing and growing presence in Greenhill and Lowedges.

We value…

The LORD says, “Then I will heal you of your faithlessness; my love will know no bounds, for my anger will be gone forever.”

Hosea 14:4 (NLT)

In a society where it seems love has to be earned, and self-worth is determined by the number of social media ‘likes’, we believe in love without conditions – that colours outside the lines – demonstrated by the generous love of God who, out of his richness became poor so that we might become rich in love. We believe that God continues to seek out and gather people into his family not of flesh and blood but of his love and Spirit. No matter who you are, where you’re from or where you are in life, there is space for you to belong and be loved and, although we come as we are, we all leave an encounter with God changed by his love.

“ There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear;”

1 John 4:18 (NRSV)

We recognise that fear and anxiety hold many of us from experiencing true freedom in life. Whether it’s the fear of comparison, rejection or inferiority, we believe Jesus calls us to be open to being truly known. We strive to not let hurts, hang-ups and selfish pride stand in the way of God’s healing and adventure. We are a community that has experienced times of feeling lost, rejected and marginalised but we believe in a God who treasures all; even those who feel forgotten and broken. This means being honest and vulnerable but we are convinced that this opens us up to better understand and accept God’s grace and healing power. We want to share stories, feelings and experiences with one another without fear of being judged or excluded. We want to lose the things that hold us back, no matter the cost, so that we can share in the freedom that Jesus gives us.

“But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father seeks such as these to worship him.”

John 4:23 (NRSV)

We’re all searching for answers; so in the times where nothing makes sense, when we’re unsure of why or how things are the way they are, we encourage the search for truth and purpose. From having it all together to being stranded in wilderness, we believe seeking Jesus can transform our hearts and minds through relationship with Him. We believe in a God that cares passionately for the oppressed, the abandoned, the helpless and those in spiritual, relational, emotional, and physical need; and as we seek answers to our questions together, we believe that he’s already started seeking us.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.”

Romans 12:12 (NRSV)

We believe that prayer changes things; this is central to our community as through prayer we can support and uphold one another. We believe in a God that loves us to talk – come celebration, confusion and tears, He’s listening. As a community we realise that we’re all ‘works in progress’ and through prayer we’re able to lift all our concerns, failings and gratitude to God. We want to encourage active, regular prayer, whether it’s shouted, sung or in the silence, so we continue to bring ourselves and our community to God. We believe there are always prayers to be said and that through prayer God will speak and breathe life into our varying situations. Whatever we go through and however we feel, we see a community that petitions on behalf of those who have no words.