Who’s Who


Ned Lunn


Ned is our vicar and serves Greenhill, Lowedges and Lower Bradway. Ned is passionate about building and sustaining community and seeing God transform lives with his grace and love.


Bess Popplewell


Bess is our churchwarden. This means she is a ‘bishop’s officer’ who helps to ensure that Saint Peter’s does what it should – loves God and serves people. She is also our Treasurer, ensuring that our financial resources are being used properly. She loves people! She loves singing and all things sparkly. She oversees our Prayer & Worship team which helps us all to be good stewards to the resources we have been given, human, financial and physical. Bess also oversees our Parish Centre bookings.


Fran Millward-Rhodes


Fran is our other churchwarden but is currently taking some time off to rest.


Joy Arnott

Assistant Churchwarden

Joy is one of our assistant churchwardens. She is passionate about our local community and seeing the love of God shown in the area. She oversees our Serving & Welcome team who help us to reach out into our neighbourhood in loving service and welcoming new people into God’s family. Joy is also one of the leaders of our Cookhouse project which is a growing community of families who share a weekly meal together in Lowedges.


Hannah Corrigan

Assistant Church Warden

Hannah is a full time mum to two wonderful children. She has a passion to help young children connect with God and she has been licensed by the Diocese of Sheffield as a children and youth worker. Hannah also oversees our Discipleship & Community team supporting, encouraging and reviewing the activities of the church whose primary purpose is the building up of the Body of Christ, the deepening of faith in believers and the caring for those who are struggling in our family.


Joe Corrigan

Detached Youthworker

Joe is our Detached Youth Worker and has been since June 2012. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, walking in the park and of course Go Karting.


Margaret Kohler

Sacristan & Ministry to Older people

Margaret serves as the Church Sacristan, which means that she helps out with the practical stuff for our worship services. She also leads a team that focuses on older people in our parish, and visits the sick and housebound to give them communion. Margaret likes spending time with family and friends, her kindle and computer, gardening, pressing flowers and making candles. Most of her time is spent working with the excellent team that puts on our Afternoon Teas and Tea Service. She considers it a real joy to minister to older people who can’t come to church on Sundays.


Michelle Hayes

Pastoral Worker

Michelle heads up our Pastoral Team and is licensed by the Diocese of Sheffield as a Pastoral Worker.  Michelle is married to Simon (our Reader), has two sons, and likes Doctor Who, rock and heavy metal music.


Simon Hayes

Lay Reader

Simon is our licensed Lay Reader which mean he assists Ned in leading the Church in worship and teaching. Simon is also passionate about serving our local community and reaching out to those on the margin of society.


Sarah Rowland

Parish Safeguarding Officer

Sarah ensures that we, as a church, safeguard all members of our community of all ages. It is her role to record any concerns that we have around our work with young people and vulnerable adults. If you have any concerns then please do contact her.