Serving & Welcome

At Saint Peter's we passionate about blessing our neighbourhood by living as lives of loving service.


There are a number of ways we serve, and our serving is the best way to put our faith into action. We exist to bless our local neighbourhood sharing love and working together for the common good. We partner with other churches and organisations to ensure that all can experience love and fellowship.

Grace Foodbank

A food bank is a charity that collects donated food, and then, working with social services and other health care organisations, distributes the food to those in need.

We have very strong connections with Grace Foodbank, which covers Lowedges, Norton, Batemoor, Jordanthorpe and surrounding areas. 

Terminus Initiative

We support the Terminus Initiative which serves the Lowedges Estate. The Terminus Initiative, with its other projects, has supported asylum seekers, refugees, drug users, people with alcohol addictions, people with mental health needs, young people, and older people. In fact there are many social activities going on all the time including discussions/Bible studies, and prayer underpins it all.

Visit their website for more information:


We love to welcome new people into our family, whether that’s through baptism/christening, weddings or funeral services, or on a Sunday morning. However you get in contact with us we’d love to help you to find your place amongst us.

We are committing to increase our partnership and witness within the local community.

We want to encourage, support and be actively involved in local events and initiatives and find ways in which we can be present to our local community. This will be primarily through the developing Greener Greenhill project and exploring ways to utilise our green space around the church as a way of connecting with people. The aim is to have established, regular events that we are involved in and to increase the number of volunteers involved.

We are committing to investing in the children and young people of our local area. 

We want to actively promote and support the work of School Pastors and Makerspace; recruiting and training volunteers as well as fundraising specifically for this work in various ways. It is also the aim to develop and produce evangelistic events, possibly around Easter and Christmas. It is hoped that we would grow the capacity and sustainability of our Detached Youth Worker.


A dedicated team of volunteers have created a space to engage with young people through practical hobbies and activities to encourage and build confidence. This team is headed up by our Detached Youth Worker, Joe Corrigan.

School Pastors

School Pastors have served Meadowhead School for many years. School Pastors are trained to go in and come alongside students and staff, building relationships and supporting them. it is a form of holy loitering making themselves available to show the love of God in subtle but powerful ways.