Serving & Welcome

At Saint Peter's we passionate about blessing our neighbourhood by living as lives of loving service.


There are a number of ways we serve, and our serving is the best way to put our faith into action, be that sitting with our guests at Afternoon Teas, helping with young people in ‘Buzz Cafe’ our after-school club, helping collect food for Grace Foodbank, cooking and serving at Cookhouse and/or the Terminus Initiative…there are many ways to get involved.

Grace Foodbank

A food bank is a charity that collects donated food, and then, working with social services and other health care organisations, distributes the food to those in need.

We have very strong connections with Grace Foodbank, which covers Lowedges, Norton, Batemoor, Jordanthorpe and surrounding areas. 

The food bank representative at Saint Peter’s is Becky Marshall, so please get in touch with her or any of us if you want to donate or volunteer, or for any other enquiries.

Terminus Initiative

We support the Terminus Initiative which is a cafe and charity shop on the Lowedges Estate. The café is open two days a week, targeting different groups in need, and the premises are used by other community groups when the café is closed. The Terminus Initiative, with its other projects, has supported asylum seekers, refugees, drug users, people with alcohol addictions, people with mental health needs, young people, and older people. In fact there are many social activities going on all the time including discussions/Bible studies, and prayer underpins it all.

Visit their website for more information:


We love to welcome new people into our family, whether that’s through baptism/christening, weddings or funeral services, on a Sunday morning, or one of our many outreach groups listed above. However you get in contact with us we’d love to help you to find your place amongst us.

Afternoon Teas

Afternoon Teas is a great place to meet new people, particularly aimed at those who are retired, lonely and/or isolated. it happens on the Second Friday of every month and each month there is some entertainment and lots of lovely food and drinks.

If you are interested in coming along please contact Margaret Kohler: [email protected]

Buzz Cafe

A place for Y7-Y9 to relax and call your own. We offer young people a chance to learn some skills in designing and building different projects using a 3D printer and expertise of some of our leaders. If design and technology is not your thing then you’re still welcome to come and hang out.

Need more info contact Joe Corrigan: [email protected]


Each week volunteers come together to create a family afternoon of play and food. Families arrive from 3:30pm to engage in crafts, games and play facilitated by local people in our local community centre. At 4:45pm we then come together for a wonderful meal prepared by volunteers using food that would otherwise have gone to waste. In return we ask families to contribute a small donation to help cover our ongoing expenses.