Discipleship & Community

We love to welcome new people into our family so why not come and hang out with us!


Discipleship involves anything that shapes our lives to reflect God’s love and grace in the world. It is about studying and learning, watching and listening. Being a disciple is like being an apprentice where we watch and learn from Jesus about how we are to live. We believe that discipleship can only happen with others where we share and learn whilst we live life together as a family.

Small Groups

We have lots of small groups for us to meet with one another during the week to explore faith and life with Jesus. If you would like to connect in with a group please do get in touch.


We at Saint Peter’s are discovering that what is important to us is ‘family’. We want to better live out the call from God to be His family in the good times and in the more challenging times. We want to experience the stability of good, healthy families that love and support one another through life. This involves looking out for one another and spending times together.