Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross is a way of praying through the Passion of Christ using images and prayers. It is traditionally done on Good Friday but can be done at any time during Holy Week. You may want to take an extended time to engage with this reflective journey in one sitting or you may choose to take each video on separate days.

Here are some other suggestions to get the most out of this experience:

  1. Remove any distractions from the everyday.
  2. Have a journal or piece of paper and pen to take notes.
  3. Make a sign of the cross on yourself or perform some ritualistic movement to mark the movement to the next station.
  4. Watch it at the same time as other people or organise a conversation with someone else after watching it to reflect together on what you experienced.
Complete Playlist of all stations
Station 1 – 4
Station 5 – 8
Station 9-14

(c)Andy Stinson, Ebb and Flow, used by permission

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