17th May 2020 Sunday service resources

If you are joining us for our service at 10.15am on Facebook Live (www.facebook.com/saintpeterss8) or via the downloaded podcast then there are some things you may want, to help you participate:

  1. Download the service sheet below and have it open in another window on your computer so you can follow along with the songs and liturgy.
  2. A sticky note/’Post It’ note or a bit of blue/white tack (anything that you can stick on the wall without damaging it in the long term!).
  3. A piece of A4 paper (coloured if possible), scissors and pen/pencil.

As part of the sermon for children we’d love to hear some responses for the following. Ned will say them during the sermon; you can either have already asked your children (or come up with some yourself!) before the service or you can ask them at the time.

a) ‘If we love our parents, then…’

b) ‘If you train hard at running, then…’

c) ‘If you go to bed late every night, then…’

d) ‘If you work hard at school, then…’

e) ‘If you treat people with respect, then…’